TensionFree” range of remedies are all natural Homeopathic stress relievers used in various day to day stressful conditions. they help in calming the nervousness, anxieties, worries, and associated problems. there are four types of TensionFree remedies:

  1. TensionFree Exams: for calming pre-exam or pre-interview nervousness and stress.
  2. TensionFree Sleep: for inducing peaceful, refreshing and sound Sleep.
  3. TensionFree Leader: for facing audience in public meetings, personal meetings and preventing physical problems like diarrhoea, anxiety, restlessness before gala events.
  4. TensionFree Manage: useful for time management, helpful in removing weakness, fatigue etc in daily routine.

for more info, visit www.tensionfree.co.in

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